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IMEC's mission is to transform impoverished communities. We achieve this mission by providing the equipment, tools and supplies needed to advance the medical, agricultural and educational services in communities in the developing world. At the core of our work is the IMEC Suite. Each Suite contains all of the equipment, tools and supplies needed to operate a service or department, such as a hospital exam room, a small family farm, or a classroom.


A Project shepherd is an established humanitarian group, organization or individual that "shepherd" the project from the beginning to end. A Project shepherd is established in-country and can identify the facility in need, connect us to the facility for an assessment and obtain customs clearances. The Project shepherd works closely with an IMEC Project Coordinator throughout the entire project process.

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"The transformation that has taken place in the hospital's surgical wing is truly remarkable. From what I saw, I would have to believe that this new facility would now place among the best in the country. It is our hope that this new facility will serve the next generation of Nicaraguans in peace and prosperity, continue to improve the quality of life for the people living in Rivas by reducing pain and suffering, and most importantly, save lives."

- Head Matron of Nursing, KCMC Hospital