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5 Side Effects Of Oregano Oil

5 Side Effects Of Oregano Oil

Oregano is a medicinal herb that is used for the culinary purposes also. Since thousands of years this herb is providing medicinal as well as culinary benefits to the body. Oregano is a species from origanum and belongs to the family of mint (lamiaceae). The maximum height of this herb is 50 cm with purple color leaves that has a length of two to three cms. The unique pleasant smell of this herb is due to the presence of certain chemicals which are caryophyllene, ocimene, thymol, carvacrol and pinene.

It has been proven that oregano is totally safe when taken in controlled amount through mouth or as an ointment for skin purposes. But, still some cases of side effects have come across after the use of this herb in the controlled amount. Stomach upset is one of the most common oregano oil side effects. Also, some allergic reactions on the skin have been seen if this herb is used in the form of ointment.

Below Mentioned Are Some More Side Effects Of Oregano Oil

During Pregnancy And Breast Feeding

Researches have shown that oregano is totally unsafe when taken through mouth in the form of medicinal purposes during pregnancy. The intake of oregano in the large amount increases the risk of miscarriage. During nursing or breast feeding also mother should avoid the intake of oregano as it may misbalance the nutrient content of the milk.


People who are allergic to plants of Lamiaceae family like marjoram, lavender, basil, sage and mint have chance of developing skin or internal allergies due to intake or application of oregano. Skin rashes, reddening of skin, irritation or itching and skin removal are some of the signs of allergies.


The regular intake of oregano reduces the blood sugar level in the blood and thus increases the chance of developing diabetes. People who already have diabetes should use oregano under the consultation of doctors.

Bleeding Disorders

People with bleeding disorders should totally stop using oregano in their diet as it may worsen their condition.


Doctors generally advise to stop using oregano before two weeks of surgery as it may interfere in healing the cells and tissues damages that occurs after surgery. Also, oregano increases the risk of developing bleeding during and after surgery.

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