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Three Best Hair Growth Vitamins for Men

Three Best Hair Growth Vitamins for Men

How does the hair grow? Hair grows from that root at the follicle under your skin. This entire process will happen when blood goes to those follicles and supply both nutrient, and oxygen to hair roots. For this process to go on smoothly, you need to have the required hair growth vitamins for men.

When you eat that well balanced diet that has all the essential vitamins, it can help in enhancing health of your hair.We have three vitamins, which can support your hair growth.

Explain Hair growth vitamins for men

These vitamins include: Vitamin D, Vitamin E, and Vitamin B complex.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is one essential nutrient when it comes to hair growth. It will help in boosting ones immunity, and also help in creating new hair follicles.

Vitamin D, is mainly derived from direct sun exposure, or either eating food rich in vitamin D, or taking some dietary supplements. All these dietary supplements are available over the counter, and some on the food people eat.

Vitamin E and hair growth

Vitamin E is one soluble nutrient that you can take from either food supplement, or consumed directly from food sources. Vitamin E benefits the hair due to its antioxidant properties.

Vitamin E rich source is from hair products like oils, shampoos or conditioners. Well balanced diet rich in vegetable oils, seed and nuts, green leafy vegetables can also be very good sources of vitamin E.

There are also available Vitamin E supplement as capsule.But before you do supplement you need to seek doctors advice. This is because you need a prescription in order to take these supplement so that it may not interfere with your body mechanism.

Vitamin E helps prevent hair loss, split ends, and also prevent hair breakage. It also contributes in hair shine, and balances the oil on your scalp. It balances the oil on your scalp by forming a protective layer to lock in moisture.

Vitamin B Complex

Biotin is one of the best know vitamin B and a good ingredient when it comes to hair growth. Biotin is mainly used as treatment for hair loss. Taking Vitamin B complex can help slow hair loss mainly associated with Male pattern boldness, or even endogenic alopecia.

For patients experiencing hair thinning, these Vitamins are known to be of good help. These is where the essential ingredient in those vitamin will help your hair with all what it requires in order to grow the healthy way .

There are other Vitamins, which are also essential when it comes to hair growth but the three play a very vital role. Depending on your skin type, you can always choose the one, which best suits you. This is because it’s not proven which of the vitamin work best for specific individual.

Many have used these vitamins and they have done tremendous impact on their hair growth. Positive results are all over and many continue to embrace use of these vitamins.

If you facing any kind of hair loss, you can always turn to using these Vitamins and positive results are guaranteed.


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